The Neuroscience Party: Let's ban cigarettes & alcohol & evolve our laws for healthy foods & bodies!

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We are straight! 
We like women! 
Because we like women,
we want women to have more in life! (wealth, money, assets, houses, property, scientific education, etc.)
We also want more women in power and more women to win elections!
       --- official salute of the Superhappy Party
En espanol -----
    Nos gustan las mujeres,
    Porque nos gustan las mujeres,
    Queremos que las mujeres tengan mas en la vida (dinero, riquezas, casas, educacion sientifico, etc.)  
     Tambien queremos mas mujeres en poder y que mas mujeres ganen eleciones!

We want every woman to live like a princess with robotic servants and we want everyone to live like wealthy billionaires, wealthy members of royalty, and wealthy slavemasters with robotic servants and robotic slaves that will do all of the work for them.
FACE IT, it would be fun to live like a wealthy person with robotic servants or slaves doing all the work for you!
We want to do this by demanding a 100% requirement to teach artificial intelligence robotics for grades K-12  and a requirement class in universities with the goal of teaching students to make robots that can replace people and serve people.  Every student will learn to make robots that can serve us and do all of the work for us so we can live like wealthy princesses, wealthy billionaires, and wealthy slavemasters with robotic servants.
Face it, it would be fun to have robotic servants and robotic slaves getting our food, building our houses, flying us from here to there (we do not have to drive anymore, the robots will fly us from here to there - NO MORE TRAFFIC, that will REDUCE STRESS and make us FEEL GOOD!) , and the robots can be so advancing and evolving that they can replace all medical doctors so our health care costs will be much less expensive, if not free!

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We believe in using advancing and evolving neuroscience in creating the happiest world possible!

We need your help in getting a tremendous following! Please look under the interested in running as a politician or volunteering section!

The main function of geovernment is to make everyone Superhappy!  Please e-mail me at if you have any question and/or comments!