The Neuroscience Party: Let's ban cigarettes & alcohol & evolve our laws for healthy foods & bodies!


This is the current constitution of the Superhappy Party.  (please e-mail us if you have any questions or request changes within the Constitution.)

            1)Every woman shall live like a queen or a princess with robotic servants that do all of the work and pay all of the bills and every man shall live like a king or a prince with robotic servants that do all of the work and pay all of  the bills.  It shall be a requirement to teach, study and create research centers starting from grade levels  K-12 and a requirement class in universities for artificial intelligence robots that shall replace all human labor and all human doctors, especially medical doctors, and these robots shall be constantly upgraded and  programmed to work millions of times faster than humans and create millions of times more “actual wealth and production” so everyone lives like a millionaire or billionaire queen or princess and/or king or prince with robotic servants.

         2)    The purpose of government is to make everyone in society as happy and as neuroscientifically and psychologically satisfied  as possible.The government has to become “ONE SUPERHAPPY FACE” that makes people happy. In other words, we shall put huge happy faces on every street corner in every city and the happy faces shall be technologically designed to say “Hi, be happy. Have a happy day!” or some other statement that is very happy.  The government shall use every neuroscientifically evolving method possible to create the happiest environments ever and create the happiest, most intelligent, most scientifically evolving population ever!


         3)      Everyone shall be required to get a PhD (especially in a specialty of artificial intelligence robotics), an MD, and/or a law degree so we can create the most intelligence society ever,


          4)      All jails and prisons shall be turned into maximum security universities and maximum security mental health centers designed to make the prisoners "superhappy" and superintelligent with PhDs, MDs, and/or law degrees.

          5)      The government shall give tax-free incentives and subsidies for corporations, business owners, universities, schools, and inventors to mass produce:

          1-      The flying car

          2-      The flying bicycle

         3-      The flying motorcycle

          4-      The flying broom (like the brooms that witches use in movies)

         5-      The flying wheelchair (so the handicapped can enjoy flying around)

          6-      The flying cane and/or walker (so seniors can enjoy flying around)

          7-      The flying backpacks for kids

           8 - All sorts of flying vehicles.

         9 - Flying vehicles shall be upgraded so all flying vehicles can fly into outer    space as possible so we may start colonies and settlements in outer space.

 (F       Face it, driving in traffic sucks!!!!!)

  6)         6) Native Americans, because they have been slaughtered and virtually exterminated  through genocidal methods, including deliberate germ warfare, shall never have to pay any taxes on their reservations to the states they are located in and they have to get at least “TWICE” the land back that they currently have because that land got stolen away from them. In other words, their reservations have to at least double in size!

      We shall also support a Confederation of Native America  or some form of tribal unity that focuses on a better unity of the Native American tribes.

9      7) Many psychological studies have proven that many people feel more comfortable with their own racial type. So, to help create a peaceful world, we should support  movements to create: 

         A confederation or a unity of white nations (nations with large white populations) of the world into one nation, like Canada, the United States, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Latin American nations, and all of the other "white" nations within the areas of  the European Union and Russia.

           A confederation or a unity of white nations of Hispanic, Hispanic Native American, and Native American nations (nations with large populations of Hispanics, Hispanic Native Americans, and Native Americans) into one nation, like Mexico, the United States, Canada, Central America, and all of the South American nations into one nation.

            A confederation or a unity of black nations (nations with large black populations) of the world into one nation, like sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean nations, the United States, Brazil, and othe rnations in the Americas with large black populations.

            A confederation or a unity of East Asian nations (nations with large East Asian populations) of the world into one nation, like China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and othe East Asian nations into one nation.

            A confederation or a unity of Middle Eastern nations and South Asian nations  (nations with large Middle Eastern and South Asian populations ((many people think they look very much alike))) of the world into one nation, like India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Israel, Pakistan, Palestine, Jordan  and other Middle Eastern nations into one nation.

             cIndigenous nations have all been "tremendously discriminated against in the past),  so there should be a confederation or a unity, at least unity treaties, to unite the indigenous Native Americans of North and South America, the indigenous Aborigines of Australia, the Indigenous nations of New Zealand, the indigenous tribes of Africa, the Indigenous tribes in Europe (like the Lapps), the indigenous people in Russia, the Indigenous tribal people in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and all indigenous tribal people around the world (they have to unite to protect themselves againat any senseless further aggression).  

         8) We want to provide THE CHOICE (THE 100% CHOICE AND IT IS NOT FORCED UPON ANY PARENTAL FAMILY THAT DOES NOT SUPPORT IT) heterosexual only programs and heterosexual only designated schools in grades K-12 and in universities for parents who wish that their children remain heterosexual and that their children get married to the opposite sex .

   1   9) When there is more than one candidate running for a particular office within the Superhappy Party, we recommend that only one candidate may be nominated for each office through an election process to increase our chances of winning the election and that we vote for the candidate in a Superhappy Party only election primary.  (Face it, it absurd to have more than one candidate running for an office because it decreases our chances of winning. 



Let's be Superhappy!!!

Illustration: Trick or treat

We like women and want women to get more in life and want more women to win elections.

The main function of geovernment is to make everyone Superhappy!  Please e-mail me at if you have any question and/or comments!