The Neuroscience Party: Let's ban cigarettes & alcohol & evolve our laws for healthy foods & bodies!

Superhappy Highlights

Here are some highlights about the party!!

The main goal of government is to make everyone Superhappy!

Flying cars, flying bicycles, flying choppers, flying brooms (like the kind witches fly on in movies), and flying wheelchairs for the handicapped and seniors so they can fly around and fun!

A Superhappy military with a Superhappy uniform appearance when their uniform is not used for actual warfare purposes!  This will make more people like the military and help give them a better image and "tremendously reduce" the anti-war protesters.  Face it, if you see a superhappy uniform and superhappy tanks and jets, you will like the military better!

Advancing and evolving neuroscience is one of the main keys to making everyone Superhappy!

Talking happy faces and other talking "fun images," or at least very inexpensive happy faces and images on busy street corners and hopefully on every street corner in America!  Let's create the happiest environments ever!

Every woman shall live like a wealthy princess with robotic servants that do all of the work for them and everyone shall live like wealthy millionaires, billioanaires, princesses, and slavemasters with robotic servants that do all of the work for them!  For this reason, there shall be a 100% focus requirement in education to make robots that replace all human labor and are programmed to serve all humans so we live like wealthy princesses, slavemasters, and billionires!

100% PhDs, MDs, and/or law degrees for 100% of the population, especially in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence!

Police cars to look like happy face cars  or "fun looking vehicles" and police uniforms to look more fun so they will not have the current "depressive appearance" that thery currently have!

Outer space colonization to begin as soon as possible with the flying cars evolving into flying spaceships as soon as possible!

The main function of geovernment is to make everyone Superhappy!  Please e-mail me at if you have any question and/or comments!