The Neuroscience Party: Let's ban cigarettes & alcohol & evolve our laws for healthy foods & bodies!

Interested in running as a politician or volunteering!!!

Please e-mail me if you want run as a politician or volunteer!

Please tell me what state and city you live in!!

We want  to officially register the Superhappy Party in all 50 states and in every democratic country in the world!

I am not sure if you need to officially register the party in your state in order to run as a Superhappy Party candidate, especially for local elections.  IN statewide positions you might have to officially reigister the Superhappy Party. If you desire, you can help me by officially registering the Superhappy Party in your state! (CUrrently the Superhappy Party is officially registered in California and Nevada and I plan on registering it in all fifty states!)
Please contact me and contact the Secretary of State or Elections Department within your state, or contact your county or city government to see what you can do to run as a Superhappy candidate!
We need your help, we need more Superhappy candidates!

The main function of geovernment is to make everyone Superhappy!  Please e-mail me at if you have any question and/or comments!